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Frederick Thomas Wimble (1846-1936) arrived in the colony of Victoria on 29 July 1867. He quickly established a reputation as a printing ink manufacturer being well equipped with technical knowledge and ink recipes supplied by his father in London. A con-summate salesman and publicist, Wimble went on the road to promote his products and quickly built up a list of return clients in all of the Australian States and New Zealand. Wimble’s Monthly Reminder, which appeared in two series commencing with Series One in 1895 and Series Two in 1906, reinforced the perception in the trade of the reliability of the firm as a supplier of printers’ needs. When a significant anniversary occurred the history of the firm, with variations, was retold of FT Wimble and Co’s rise to success.

The Australasian Type Foundry was added to the other branches of the business in 1900, when it was purchased from Henry James Thitchener, the last in a line of type founders active in Sydney since 1841.

Fred Wimble modernised the practices of the earlier firm, introducing the American point-line system of uniform type measurement and duplicated the standardisation of point sizes (usually from 6pt to 72pt) and endeavoured to put an Australasian stamp on on the fonts by renaming the original English and American designs by giving them Australian and New Zealand place names. There were several notable exceptions to this plan. In 1902 the Federal Government introduced a broad tariff on imports and Wimble as a fierce protectionist, an ex-newspaper proprietor of the Cairns Post in North Queensland and briefly a Queensland Member of Parliament campaigned continuously for tariff protection for Australian made type.

To reward two parliamentarians who had supported him he renamed the American Type Founders ‘Globe Gothic’ as Findlay Extra Bold for Senator Edward Findlay and American Type Founders ‘Florentine Bold’ as Carr Bold for Ernest Shoobridge Carr, MHR. During World War One another American Type Founders type ‘Old English’ was opportunistically renamed Anzac Text, by as the Returned Servicemen’s were violently opposed to any misuse of the word Anzac the name of the font was changed to Austral Text. Amongst the ornaments, rules and initial letters cast in Wimble’s foundry is a curiosity that appears to be a local design, but no mention of the designer’s name is made. This is the Wallerain Initials, the name of which seems to have some nostalgic connection with an obscure Queensland gold-mining town called Walleraine.

Very little research has been done on Wimble’s Type Foundry for the simple reason that very few records appear to have survived. The list below is incomplete and will no doubt be added to in time.

FT Wimble Type Comparison Chart

Wimble Name Similar to or original name Foundry Name
Lining Roman No. 1 Lining Roman No. 1 Stephenson Blake
Lining Roman Italic Lining Roman Italic Figgins
Lining Ronaldson O. S. Lining Ronaldson O. S. ATF
Titling No. 1. Titling No. 6. Figgins
Titling No. 5. Titling No. 6. Figgins
Christchurch series Cheltenham series ATF
Oceanic Shaded Antique Shaded ATF
Katoomba Text Inland Copper Plate ATF
Lining Dunedin Cushing ATF
Sydney O. S. Della Robbia ATF
Sydney O. S. Westminster Stephenson Blake
Sydney O. S. Light Della Robbia Light ATF
Canberra O. S. & series Century O. S. & series ATF
Fremantle O. S. Bullfinch ATF
Myola Italic Authors Roman Ital. ATF
Ballarat John Handcock Barnhart Bros. & Spindler
Ballarat Condensed John Handcock Condensed Barnhart Bros. & Spindler
Carr Bold Florentine Bold ATF
Lining Antique No. 2 Lining Antique No. 2 ATF
De Vinne Series De Vinne Series ATF
Kogorah Recherche Stephenson Blake
Adelaide Ronde Parisienne Ronde Stephenson Blake
Commercial Italic Commercial Italic Stephenson Blake
Bradley Bradley ATF
Austral Text Eng. Old English ATF
Ulmarra Text Wedding Text ATF
Auckland Gothic Gothic 519 ATF
Eden Lining Gothic    
Perth Eng. Gothic Copperplate Gothic ATF
Kosciuko Spartan Stephenson Blake
Eventone Title Monotone Title ATF
Commercial Roman Copperplate Roman ATF
Aust. Mercantile Mercantile ATF
Heavy Title Litho Card Litho. ATF
Light Title Litho Card Litho. Light ATF
Wimbledon Gothic Grotesque No. 4 Miller & Richard
Wimbledon Gothic Italic Grotesque No. 4 Italic Miller & Richard
Tasmanian Expanded Grotesque No. 6 Miller & Richard
Westralian Gothic Sans Serif No. 7 Miller & Richard
Condensed Gothic No. 523 Condensed Gothic No. 523 ATF
Melbourne Gothic Sans Serif No. 7 Stephenson Blake
Bathurst Sans Gothic Condensed John Haddon
Findley Extra Condensed Globe Gothic Condensed ATF
News Gothic Ext. Condensed News Gothic Ext. Condensed ATF
Hobart Italic Sans Condensed Sans Italic Stephenson Blake
Cairns Gothic Lining Gothic 544 ATF
Brisbane Gothic Elzever Gothic ATF
Bendigo Text Typo Text ATF
Geelong Shaded Engravers Shaded ATF
Parramatta Shaded Title Shaded Litho. ATF
Graphic Script Edwardian Script  
Art Script Georgian Script  
Elegant Script Society Script Stephenson Blake
Australian Script Imperial Script Stephenson Blake
Darwin Series Parsons Series ATF
Scholastic Schoolbook ATF
Wentworth Series Cooper Black Series ATF
Wentworth Open Cooper Hilite ATF
Blaxland Boston Breton ATF
Otago Series Cloister Series ATF
Jenolan O. S. Series Goudy O. S. Series ATF
Borders and Ornaments
Sydney Old Style Ornaments Della Robbia Ornaments ATF
  Westminster Ornaments Stephenson Blake
Wallerain Initials Source unknown  
Wellington Border The Garland Ornament Stephenson Blake
Graystone Borders Renaissance Borders Stephenson Blake
  Engravers Border ATF
Darwin Borders Plaid Borders Stephenson Blake
Macedon Border Tablet Border Stephenson Blake
Camberwarra Border Manx Border Stephenson Blake
12pt. Quickset Border No. 642 Linear Border ATF
Fremantle Borders Bullfinch Borders ATF
Quickset Border Nos. 626, 633 Panel Borders ATF
Canberra Borders Century Borders ATF
Bischoff Borders Times Borders ATF
Burwah Borders Herald Borders ATF