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Box Hill Rugby CoverA History of the Box Hill Rugby Union Football Club

by Ron Grainger and published in 2003

230 mm paperback edition of 224 pages containing 19 plates and 36 pages of club tables in the appendix.

Going for the line : A History of Box Hill Rugby Football Club by Ron Grainger is still available from the club. Published by Golden Point Press, this publication, together with its 50th Anniversary supplement, gives an account of events, people and achievements of Box Hill Rugby Club to 2008. To obtain copies of this book and its accompanying 50th anniversary supplement, go to


de Kretser book spread

de Kretser, Ivor

The Genealogy and Lineage of the de Kretser Family of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1661 to 2006. ISBN 978-0-9757673-6-8, 2007.





Walkabout coverHarcourt, Rex, and John Mulvaney, Cricket Walkabout:

The Aboriginal Cricketers of the 1860’s (3rd. edition) ISBN 0-646-42957-4, 2005, with numerous location maps showing where the Aboriginal cricketers played in Australia and in their test matches in England.

Within three short years this team of tribal Aborigines, mostly from small, compact, areas of Western Victoria, mastered the rudiments of cricket and in 1868 was able to match it with long established English teams. Third edition, illustrated with photographs and maps.



Searle cover sml

 Searle's Hardware in Dandenong C.1920

The Story of the Searle Family

as told by Frederick Henry, Noel and Graeme Searle. Hardback edition ISBN. 978-0-9757673-8-0, 176 pages.

Premises of Searle Hardware in Dandenong C.1920 shown here.





Southern Invasion buyRex Harcourt, Southern Invasion–Northern Conquest:

Story of the founding of Melbourne, ISBN 0-646-40336-2, 2001.

The little known story of John Batman’s treaty documents and the intention expressed in them to give the Aboriginals he negotiated with, an annual tribute of goods in exchange for the use of land described in the documents. More recently the claim to be the founder of Melbourne has shifted to John Pascoe Fawkner and many traces of Batman’s claim to this title have been erased. Rex Harcourt’s book makes a convincing case for the reinstatement of Batman - a person maligned in fiction and ignored as a person of good intentions.



Poetical Allsorts

Pen & ink drawings by Dennis Bryans


Political Allsorts - with hard and soft centres

An illustrated book of verse by Graeme Searle. Funny, quirky and sometimes serious these verses reflect the author’s take on Australian life. Illustrated with pen and ink sketches by Dennis Bryans.







Other titles with illustration and layout by Dennis Bryans

No Place Home

Works on the 'Specialty Press' and also 'William Joseph Sayers Clarke' are currently in manuscript - check back later for advice on availability.

Our print workshop contains


1 Heidelberg platen press (black ball).
1 Farley 18 x 27 proof press.
1 "Ideal" Guillotine.
1 book press
1 bench mounted lead cutter
1 hand held lead cutter.


1 Metal type rack, 32 cases.
1 double type cabinet, 48 cases.
1 wooden type cabinet, 24 cases.
1 wooden type cabinet, 20 cases.
1 metal type cabinet, 24 cases.
65 loose type cases.
1 narrow galley cabinet, leads, borders, etc.
3 standard galley cabinets, type, standing matter, blocks, furniture, leads, reglets.

In storage

1 Chandler & Price old style platen press, damaged, complete.
1 Chandler & Price new style platen press, damaged, incomplete.
1 copperplate rolling press.
1 "Imperial" Albion-stype press.
1 Adast Graphopress.
1 Hilton tooling Co. etching press.
1 Golding platen press.
1 Frederick Ulmer card press.
1 Douglas Saw.

This list is included for the interest of type and print enthusiasts.