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Ceramic bowl by Dennis Bryans

Bowl - 10cm high x 12cm wide. Please contact us re pricing.

Check back again as further items will be added from time to time.

Our print workshop contains


1 Heidelberg platen press (black ball).
1 Farley 18 x 27 proof press.
1 "Ideal" Guillotine.
1 book press
1 bench mounted lead cutter
1 hand held lead cutter.


1 Metal type rack, 32 cases.
1 double type cabinet, 48 cases.
1 wooden type cabinet, 24 cases.
1 wooden type cabinet, 20 cases.
1 metal type cabinet, 24 cases.
65 loose type cases.
1 narrow galley cabinet, leads, borders, etc.
3 standard galley cabinets, type, standing matter, blocks, furniture, leads, reglets.

In storage

1 Chandler & Price old style platen press, damaged, complete.
1 Chandler & Price new style platen press, damaged, incomplete.
1 copperplate rolling press.
1 "Imperial" Albion-stype press.
1 Adast Graphopress.
1 Hilton tooling Co. etching press.
1 Golding platen press.
1 Frederick Ulmer card press.
1 Douglas Saw.

This list is included for the interest of type and print enthusiasts.